Welcome to Summertime

Here in Louisiana, school is out, the temperatures have permanently shifted to the warmer end, the summer showers are right on schedule, and hurricane season kicks off today. We're definitely in the summer season, even if it officially doesn't start for another three weeks.

Last year, I published a blog post on making your hurricane supply kit more sustainable, so in the spirit (and dread) of the season starting today, take some time to read up and start making plans for your kit.

In many ways, summer is my least favorite time of year. My hair does not agree with this heat and humidity, and it's almost physically unbearable (a feeling that climate change ensures is only going to get worse...) I mean, we still have to dress professionally for work, whether it's comfortable or not! The best parts are that June is my birthday month, and the days seem to move at a slightly more relaxed pace (although, as I get older, I feel like this is less true.)

And, pool days are pretty fun, and easy to make zero-waste. Re-read my blog post from last year on better sunscreen alternatives, and visit the Environmental Working Group's updated guide to sunscreen. When you use something for the purpose of protecting your health, it's important to make sure that item itself isn't harmful either!

I've got big plans for making this a memorable, yet relaxing, summer, and I'm ready to hit refresh here on the blog and write some fun new posts and introduce y'all to some new eco-minded businesses I've discovered recently!

And here's to going on more bike rides in June than I did in May!

Continuing on the link roundup, summer always brings about backyard cookouts and grilling weekends, which is an easy time to make the switch to being waste-free. Last year, I wrote a two-part blog series on the importance of skipping single-use plates, utensils, cups, whathaveyou, and I can't stress it enough again this year. Y'all...you don't need to rely on single-use dinnerware! These colorful striped plates are a durable, lightweight melamine, making them perfect for outdoor dining. (I just do not recommend heating them up, since they are made of plastic.)

Happy June, guys! What's your favorite thing about summer? Now that I've written this post, I'm definitely ready for a bike ride and some french fries!

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