What I Want for My Birthday

Anyone ever been actually excited to turn 32? I mean, I'm definitely grateful to have another year to make good things happen for the environment, but 32 is quite the underwhelming number.

Eco-friendly push pop confetti found at Hattie Sparks

As a child, I remember always being so excited for my birthday, and working diligently on my list with enough time for my parents to go shopping. My Barbie collection was fierce, y'all. Growing older, I have less of a desire for material birthday gifts and appreciate quality time with my loved ones more. (Is this what #adulting is?)

This year, I'm looking forward to an invigorating yoga class after work, and a delicious dinner with my husband and family. All about the simple things here in this old age!

But maybe, I would love a gift or two...

What I would love the most as I celebrate the first day of my 32nd year on Earth is for all of you to do one or two things to celebrate the Earth today! Think of these as gifts to the Earth in honor of my birthday.

Rethink your accessories. Do you need a straw, or a pile of napkins every time you dine somewhere? Skip the single-use where you can.

Use a reusable plate and utensils instead of disposable, especially at home.

Pack your drinks in a reusable travel container. (Also, enjoy the beach for me if you happen to be there, because I am not, and I would really like to be! 😉)

Go for a walk or a bike ride if the weather is decent.

Pick up litter you come across. It doesn't have to be as much as in this photo, but every little piece picked up contributes to cleaning up your community.

Use natural light instead of artificial at home or in your office. Open those windows!

I may not be as preoccupied with material gifts these days, but a cleaner and more protected environment certainly makes any birthday a more special one!

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