Photo Friday | Making Secondhand Your Own

This past weekend, one of our neighbors was holding a garage sale, so I decided to walk over, say hello, and see what they had still available.

I may not be proud of the fact I found six items of clothing in 15 minutes, but I'm also pumped because it cost me six dollars total. The best kind of secondhand - cute clothing, practical cardigans, and an adorable pair of green wedges - for a dollar each. Yes and please!

I loved finding this lightweight, delicate, polka-dot dress in my size, but when I tried it on at home, I realized I did not like the neck ruffle detailing. A little too Victorian for my usual tastes, but it didn't deter me from keeping the dress, since the rest of it was fabulous.

So, I pulled out my sewing kit and got to work on that collar. In about 30 minutes, I had customized the dress to be more my style by sewing the ruffle on the inside. Instead of simply cutting it off, which could have destroyed the dress, this option hides the ruffle, but could be undone in the future.

I'm not the greatest sewer, and my detail on this project is not perfect, but I was proud of taking a little time to make this $1 dress more my own.

If you've got a long weekend for Memorial Day, I hope you have an enjoyable one. Remember the reason for the day off, and celebrate your freedom. If you have a gathering, don't forget to be sustainable - minimize your single-waste items and recycle what you can!

See y'all back here next week.

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