Photo Friday | Love the Boot, Don't Pollute

This week, Keep Louisiana Beautiful held its annual conference in Baton Rouge, and representatives from the local affiliates, along with other environmental organization leaders, gathered for presentations and award ceremonies.

Although I had major FOMO by not being able to attend, my friends with Keep Lafayette Beautiful, Lafayette Consolidated Government, Project Front Yard, UL Lafayette Sustainability, Bayou Vermilion District and TECHE Project represented the Lafayette area really well.

Yesterday at the conference, Keep Louisiana Beautiful unveiled their new statewide litter campaign and slogan, "Love the Boot, Don't Pollute". The campaign is part of a statewide effort to provide education on littering and polluting and the importance of, well, NOT littering.

Just remember, if you have trash, you put it in a trash can or recycling bin. Don't throw it out the car window, don't drop it wherever you're walking, and don't drive to the middle of nowhere to dump your stuff.

Photo courtesy The Advocate

The bumper stickers will go on all state vehicles, replacing these 90s vintage yellow beauties that I still see on the road. Updated message, same concept.

Hope you all have a wonderful fall weekend! Tomorrow brings in my historically favorite month, and this year, it's an extra special October! Ahhhh!

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