Local Business Spotlight: Midnight Moon Vintage Event Rental

For better or for worse, planning a wedding is one of the biggest ways to showcase your future spouse's and your personalities. It takes a lot of balancing and a lot of compromise, but in the end, a great wedding really shows off your unique qualities as a couple.

After a year and a half (today, actually!) of being engaged, we are in the home stretch for our wedding next month. As we've gone through the planning, I've tried to remain true to what's important to both of us, and that means a focus on being sustainable and eco-friendly.

In the next few weeks, I'll be featuring a few companies I've worked with over the past year, without giving too much away before the big day. But don't worry, there will be a lot more to share after the wedding!

My first feature is on a local small business specializing in vintage and thrifted pieces for rent - Midnight Moon Vintage Event Rental. The company began after a very special and personal event - owner Rachael's own wedding in the fall of 2014.

Photo courtesy Midnight Moon

Everyone wants their wedding to be special, unique and memorable. In my mind, this was not possible with same old fold-up chairs and tables, with disposable cups and plates mass produced in China and bought by a company looking to just make money. You just don’t feel the love in that. I wanted my wedding to reflect who I was. I wanted my guests to be comfortable.
So I combined my beliefs in recycling as much as possible with my style. I decided I was going to customize my own wedding and tailor every inch to reflect who I was. I wanted people to feel it, not just see it. Every piece was handpicked from local thrift shops and antique shops.

My dad built our arbor with trees from his property, my mom and grandmother sewed the lace bunting, and my friend offered up her house to host the event. It really brought everyone together as one big family. I felt so much joy from the whole experience that I wanted to share it with people. And thus, Midnight Moon was born.

What a great story, right?? Not only was Rachael's wedding curated with thrifted and antique items, but she is continuing the reuse cycle by offering her inventory for rent. And she is continually adding new handmade or vintage pieces.

Photo courtesy Midnight Moon

Photo courtesy Midnight Moon

Items range from large furniture like couches, chairs and tables, to small milk glass decorative pieces, vases, table settings, lace doilies and runners, cake stands, rugs, window panes, mirrors, doors, and vintage pieces like luggage and telephones.

Photo courtesy Midnight Moon
They offer delivery and pickup services, along with styling and design services. And if you got a glimpse of Rachael's living room, you would know she's pretty fantastic at finding amazing decor and styling it impeccably.

"I know how hard it is to plan and put together a wedding, so along with my inventory I also want to share the knowledge that I have gained to give people and their guests a memorable experience," she says.

Although my venue has just about everything I'll need, I turned to Midnight Moon to find a great cake stand; something that was a little more unique than the "stock" option. I also needed a 14" stand, and although Rachael didn't have one in her inventory, she was very helpful in acquiring one that fit what I was looking for.

And now I can't wait to see my cake atop this gorgeous piece of reclaimed tree with a vintage piece of lace. One of Rachael's vintage plates served as the model stand-in for my cake as I had the tough decision of choosing a piece of lace. (Seriously, she had a bin FULL of lace doilies that I had a lot of fun going through while we chatted.)

As for where the items are sourced from? "Antiques shops around my area, estate sales, barns, backyards and good ole grandma’s house. For my wedding I picked up a lot of stuff at local thrift stores, auctions and estate sales. We’ve come to realize the most abundant and unique items can be found in more of the northern states, especially Pennsylvania, New York, and Massachusetts, which are gold mines to us. A lot of times if there is something that inspires us but we can’t quite find what we are looking for, we will build/recreate it," Rachael says.

There are numerous hand-built farm tables, and a brand-new (reclaimed) wooden backdrop.

Photo courtesy Midnight Moon

The company's items have long history and are unique - a perfect symbolism for a wedding and the beginning of your married life.

Rachael and her team have big plans for the company in the next few years. "We are really working on being a one-stop shop for parties and events. We are expanding, which is exciting. We not only offer furniture rental but also event styling and videography. Floristry is next up on the list, and one day we hope to move the business into an area that can double as a venue," she says.

The beauty of using a company like Midnight Moon, for not only a wedding, but parties or corporate events, is truly in the sustainability. You can find unique, long-lasting quality items to dress up your event the way you want it, and by renting, you keep the lifecycle of the items going. You can spare yourself the hassle of spending a lot of money buying items, and then figuring out what to do with everything once the event is over. Rachael and her team have that covered.


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