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When I don't have many of my own photos to share for Photo Friday, I've really taken to sharing inspirational or galvanizing thoughts from other groups. Litterati shared this thought recently, and it can apply to so much. If we aren't the ones to work to protect the environment, who will? If we don't clean up our cities, who will?
Graphic from Litterati

Don't rely on others to do something - do it yourself.

I know that many times when people litter, they think "oh, someone else will clean it up." (If they think anything at all.) But that's not the thought to have. Change it to "I'm not going to litter this so I can keep the street or ditch clean. I'll wait to throw this away in a trash can."

When I read the quote, I keep thinking of the Mardi Gras parade where Project Front Yard volunteers walked the entire route picking up beads, and litter. I remember one man telling me, "Don't they have the street sweepers to do that?" And I told him that it wasn't the only solution, and that it takes all of us.

Because if not us, then who?

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