Photo Friday | Dropping the Ball

The first two weeks of college football are down, and UL Lafayette has their third home game in a row coming up tomorrow. Which means, it's your third chance go to for zero waste when tailgating and spectating! Get a refresher on my game day sustainability.

This past weekend, I got a glimpse of the stands near me toward the end of the game...and it is decidedly not zero waste. Maybe I should start handing out blog cards to people in these stands so they can visit the website and learn a few things, but those would probably just be littered as well. :P

But seriously, we can do better. There are trash cans and recycling bins all over Cajun Field. Just because there isn't one in your row in the stands doesn't mean you should just leave your trash. Take it up with you and drop it in a can on the concourse.

It. Is. Not. Hard.

These are the photos I would much rather take at football games, not ones of recyclable litter!

So, if you're going to a football game this weekend (for any team!), I challenge you to leave no trash behind! If you use it, you dispose of it. Don't leave it in the stands.

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