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I haven't seemed to find the time to read in the past...oh, forever, but I like to lovingly stare at my bookshelf with the plans of, "Oh, I'm totally going to read you next!" For a little while, I was good about reading before bed each night, but it's totally been replaced with my adult coloring books. (Um, so much fun, and now I need more colored pencils. And yes, they are on my Christmas list.)

My main genres are humor and chick lit, but when I'm looking for inspiration or new ideas, I lean toward my selection of green books. One is literally called The Green Book.

These books are some of my favorites and my need-to-reads.

And while I do love holding a physical book, I have come around to the idea of reading books through my Kindle app on my tablet. Paperless and portable! I've loaded up my Amazon wish list with titles to purchase after I figure out how to add hours to the day.

I'm also tremendously overdue for a trip to the Lafayette Public Library to find a new read. Maybe I shall find one to read over Thanksgiving Break.

All these links go to Amazon, but you can also check your local library for a free hard copy!

On My Shelf

  • The Imperfect Environmentalist, Sara Gilbert. AKA Darlene from one of my beloved shows, Roseanne, Sara wrote this informational and tip-laden book with a hilarious, snarky flair. I'm like the heart-eyed emoji just thinking about it. It's broken down into plain English, and into levels of how green you want to go.
  • 50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth, The EarthWorks Group. Y'all. This lil book is what started it all for me. Blame my 6th grade teacher for me being like this now. Back in the day, I found my own copy of the book at a used bookstore, which makes it awesomely green. Full disclosure, this copy, and the accompanying 50 Things You Can Do to Save the Earth, came from Amazon a couple years ago. I probably sold that first copy at a family garage sale. Grrr. However, the NEW Kids version has been updated with newfangled web references that weren't around in 1996 when I had big glasses and denim overalls.
  • The Story of Stuff, Annie Leonard. I've had this book for awhile, and am really pumped to read it. But I haven't yet. I do follow The Story of Stuff Project on Facebook, so that counts for something, right? But this book focus a lot on our society's obsession with material things and how it's trashing the planet.
  • The Green Book, Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas Kostigen. This was a great book for practical, every day tips. Plus, lots o celebrities get their green moment.
  • The Eco Chick Guide to Life, Starre Vartan. I followed Starre's blog, Eco Chick, for years when I first started this blog, and picked up her book for inspiration. Do I want to be fabulously green? Damn right, I do! This book is also in the queue.

In My Kindle

And one bonus non-treehugger book, because I love it something fierce.
  • The Royal We, Jessica Cocks and Heather Morgan. The girls behind Go Fug Yourself wrote this amazingly hilarious and addicting Royal Family novel that was $3.99 for the Kindle a few months ago. Although it's not that cheap anymore, it's still worth it. It might be 450 pages, but I read that effer in about two weeks. One night I couldn't sleep and ended up staying up an extra couple hours just to finish it. Oh mah gah, it's such a good book. My friend Michelle even agrees. And not just because she's holding out for Prince Harry.

What's your favorite way to read a book? 

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