Fun Ways to Recycle Fabric and Old Clothing

Continuing with recycling posts in advance of America Recycles Day, today I'm sharing a few ways you can creatively recycle.

Clothing and fabric is not recyclable in the sense of dumping it in the recycling bin for pickup. But it's very easily reusable, repurposable and donate-able.

Earlier this year I shared my adventures in sewing by turning a scarf into an oversized tote bag. It was a fun way to pare down my ridiculous scarf obsession collection, while still enjoying the fabric's print.

So, when I came across an infographic created by Cotopaxi about repurposing fabric, I knew it would be something awesome to share. The Salt Lake City-based company produces backpacks and other outdoor gear from repurposed fabrics.

Repurposing different materials is such an important part of what we do at Cotopaxi; in fact, several of our bags are made completely from repurposed fabrics. They're pretty cool and since they're made from scrap materials, no two bags are alike! 

To celebrate America Recycles Day, they're sharing easy ways to create a jean stuff sack out of an old pair of jeans, electronic device cases from any kind of fabric you have, and a t-shirt infinity scarf.

See the full infographic here, or click on the preview graphic below!
Graphic: Cotopaxi

All of these are simple and inexpensive ways to reuse old clothing that's probably stuffed in the back of your closet!

What would you create with some old fabric?

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