Photo Friday | A New Life from Existing Materials

We emphasize recycling as an alternative to sending materials to landfills. But, do we stop to think about the next part of the cycle?

Recycling keeps goods that can be used again out of landfills. But, if we aren't choosing to buy products made with recycled materials, then the loop isn't getting closed.

Continuing to buy 'virgin' paper doesn't help the mountains of paper in a recycling pile. Buying recycled paper keeps that chain going.

Many items come with cardboard or plastic packaging or cans that contain some percentage of recycled content.

But not all materials are recycled into the same thing. Did you know plastic bottles can be recycled to make a legitimate fabric? And not just a plastic-y wannabe fabric!

Check out this gorgeous reversible-printed rug from World Market that now gives my desk space some color. It's made with recycled plastic bottles.

This Chico bag with the Bayou Vermilion District logo is made with recycled plastic bottles.

My umbrella is made with recycled plastic bottles.

Choose items made with recycled materials and close the loop! We recycle so that items like these don't require brand new materials, instead, using what already exists.

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