time to celebrate earth month + a new look for eco cajun

No fooling here...today kicks off the annual Earth Month, a celebration stemmed from Earth Day on April 22. As you know from past years, or can imagine, Earth Month is one of my favorite times of the year.

April in general is such a great time of the year, especially in South Louisiana. The weather is in that between phase of gray winter and balls-hot summer. Everyone’s yard is blooming. Local events are happening outside, just about every single day. I find reasons to do everything outside, like my writing and brainstorming afternoon this past weekend. Bike rides are common occurrences. And one of my favorite events of the year is coming up...Festival International!

Of course I love to celebrate Earth Month on top of all of that...April is a great time to simply appreciate this Earth.

As you’ve probably noticed, I’m kicking off this Earth Month with something very special...Eco Cajun got a facelift! I’m so excited to give the site a refreshed, updated look, and I love how everything turned out. When I sat down with my handy dandy notebook before 2015 started, and I started drafting a list of blog topic ideas and goals, a redesign was near the top of the list.

New colors, a new layout and a clean look...check, check and check! Thank you to Michelle over at Dixie Lust for helping me install and tweak everything, and for the thousands of Photoshop lessons.

And because I am working so furiously to make 2015 the most amazing year (which, hello, I’ve already achieved that goal only three months in), I’m also excited to announce my month-long ‘residency’ over at 106.3 Radio Lafayette! Side notes, I've been a loyal fan of 106.3 ever since they launched a couple years back, and if any radio station matches my musical tastes, it's this one. Radio station mix or my music library? I can't tell the difference anymore!

Huge thanks to Matt for having me in once a week to share eco-friendly tips with everyone in honor of Earth Month. Listen on your radio or streaming online on Wednesday mornings to hear my ridiculous voice talk about my favorite subject.

So, I’ll leave you with a few basic tips on what you can do to celebrate Earth Month and go green:

  • Use your reusable bags! This is one of my cardinal tips for going green. By investing in a few cloth shopping bags, you will eliminate so many plastic bags from the waste stream. Fewer bags being littered, fewer bags in landfills...it’s just one of the most needless items. So, get some cloth bags and take them with you when you go shopping at the grocery store or anywhere. Bonus: some places will give you five cents off per bag! Cloth bags also make great lunch bags for work.
  • Recycle as much as you can. Of note: bottle caps and pizza boxes or frozen food boxes are not recyclable! Plastic bags are not recyclable in your curbside bin, but you CAN bring them to your local grocery store.
  • Conserve energy at home. Whether you change your lightbulbs to CFLs, you make sure to turn off the lights when you leave the room, or you turn your thermostat up a couple degrees, you’ll help lower your utility bill.
  • Keep a reusable coffee/tea mug at work. Avoid the disposable cups by reusing your mug every day. You’ll get to show off your style, and you’ll eliminate a lot of trash. Go even further by stirring your coffee or tea with a spoon instead of those stirrers. 
So, I wish you all a very happy and GREEN Earth Month! Follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or subscribe to RSS updates so you know every time I have a new post!

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