Earth Day | A Photo Essay

Happy Earth Day, y'all! While so many treehuggers joke that "every day is Earth Day", it's fun to have a day to just celebrate our planet and all it does for us.

Today, I'll share some photos from my Earth Month so far instead of babbling on for way too long.

Behind the scenes of my Syrup Row feature. Not-so-spoiler alert: There was wine involved.

Squeezed in a bike ride between rainy days and visited downtown before the LAFAYETTE sign got painted in Festival International colors.

When the World Wildlife Fund starts an Earth Month campaign with the hashtag #HugATree, of course I'm going to do it.

Stealing mint out of my own planter, just because it smells so good. And what better vase than one of my recycled candle jars!?

Hi roses! At least all this rain has brought something pretty. (And I'm not talking about the ditch full of leaves.)

I had a great time during my Earth Month residency at 106.3 Radio Lafayette. I'm racking up the sticky notes...and Matt, I know you are going to recycle those!!

 A trip out to the lake does a soul good. Props to this home with solar panels!

Dat sunset, doe!

When I am not hugging trees, I am fishing litter out of the water.

Finally getting rid of my souvenir box of MMMHops, but instead of simply recycling it, I decided to reuse it to make what I call my special reserve collection of business cards. Combining my all-time favorite band with my passion? There's no better photograph that describes me than this.

Current read, and current obsession. Sara Gilbert, be my eco-BFF.

Took a quick weekend trip to New Orleans and had lunch at McClure's Barbecue, a local spot on Magazine St. Their bread comes from the Dong Phuong bakery in eastern New Orleans. I also appreciate the reuse of the beer six-packs to hold the sauces! I'm already hungry for another pulled chicken sandwich. With the NOLA East sauce.

Trees along Carrollton Avenue.

 Excited to visit New Orleans-based eco-friendly shop, REpurposing NOLA. Picked up this sweet handmade bicycle necklace. It's so me!


 The Earth Day Festival at Vermilionville was a mix of educational booths, nature exhibits and pretty scenery. I always love a good afternoon at Vermilionville!

Laundry: The old-skool way.

Another time I wish Smellstagram existed. Look at all that rosemary!

How are YOU celebrating Earth Day??

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