a better bed for your furry friend

If you have a pet that has their own bed, unlike my spoiled child Milo who sleeps in my arms or anywhere within six inches of me, you know that pet beds can get expensive fast.

Did you know that it's easy to make upcycled pet beds for cheap, with items you probably already have?

It's this week's installment of...


The easiest way to create an affordable, eco-friendly pet bed is to simply reuse old blankets or pillows! When Milo was a baby, I turned to my mom to take her old blankets and scored a few good ones she had no more need for. The blankets got good use at my apartment and at our house...so much so that my cat chewed holes in a couple of them. He must be part dog.


Pinterest is a great source of upcycled pet bed inspiration. The easiest way to go is taking an old sweater and stuffing it with a pillow to create a rounded bed. Wonderful DIY provides a photo tutorial to put a bed together, but my only change would be to skip buying polyester fill for the bed and going for reusing something around the house. Stuff the bed with your old t-shirts or towels. Or, if you have ratty, old pillows you don't use, take the stuffing out of them and use it!


 One Good Thing by Jillee also has an upcycled sweater bed tutorial.

Another great idea is to upcycle an old suitcase or dresser drawer. I've always loved this idea and had lofty plans to create a suitcase bed for Milo when he was a kitten. I'm pretty sure I saved myself the heartbreak of building a bed that he would never use, since he sleeps in our bed every night. 

Fancy Seeing You Here has a tutorial on building a suitcase bed, and it allows you to upcycle your own t-shirt bed cushion, or use a ratty pillow you have around the house.


Better Homes and Gardens shares an upcycled end table that makes a great bed. 


DIY Showoff has an upcycled dresser drawer tutorial.


If you've got old sweaters, shirts, blankets or pillows around your house, you can upcycle a unique bed for your dog or cat and save a ton of money!

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