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I love to cook, and the majority of the time, my dinners are a success. There a few Pinterest fails and a few that are just from blah recipes, but I suppose they can't all be winners. Even when I take the lazy way out, I like to spice up a recipe and make it more my own.
One of my favorite things to add to a dish are good herbs. The right herb can be that one thing a dish is lacking.

Unfortunately, picking up a container of herbs from the grocery store every time you need something can be costly and wasteful, if you don't use the entire package. And dried herbs just don't have that same je nais sais quoi.

What's the best solution? Grow your own herbs!

You don't have to be a master gardener to have a functioning herb garden.Even if you live in a small apartment or don't have a yard, you can still grow a container herb garden. Plus, you'll know that your herbs are free from pesticides and other preservatives.

The most common herbs in dishes are basil, rosemary, cilantro and parsley. Basil is a staple to just about any Italian dish, while cilantro takes center stage in Mexican dishes. Rosemary has that great Christmas tree-smell, and parsley is common in Cajun cooking.

Other easy-to-grow herbs include dill, mint, chives, oregano and sage.

Visit your local nursery or farmer's market to pick up a seedling of your favorite herbs, and grab the right kind of soil for your garden. If you're going the container route, either pick up some pots, or upcycle items you may already have. Just make sure water can drain out the bottom!

Always check the information card, or Google your herb to find out what its sun and watering needs are. Following these will help your herbs thrive.

Just snip off the herbs you need for your dish and rinse them and pat them dry before chopping.

As a bonus, they will smell AMAZING! I dare you not to sniff your basil or mint every time you go to water them. I seriously wish you could scratch and sniff this photo of my peppermint.

By growing and taking care of your herbs, you will save money at the grocery store and feel proud that you grew some of your dinner ingredients yourself!

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