bucket lists and resolutions, oh my

March has arrived, and spring is almost here. Even though today is basically winter, soon we'll enjoy that spring weather and watch as yards bloom with color.

I'm already envisioning the evening frisbee and badminton competitions and more plentiful neighborhood walks. My pasty legs are not yet ready to envision shorts.

I've always enjoyed spring because it would bring about the end of the school year, and subsequently, my birthday. School isn't a thought anymore, but this year the spring season will bring about my 30th birthday.

Three months ago, I decided to create a short bucket list of things I wanted to achieve by my birthday. Today is the halfway point from when I made that list until the big day.

My biggest goal/dream/plan is to be driving a new car. I'm still driving my little 12-year-old car around, but I've been slowly prepping myself for a new purchase. It's daunting and I'm being chicken, but I'm still optimistic that I'll be giving myself a nice birthday gift by the name of Prius.

My boyfriend and I have started to pare down and sell some of my extra apartment things, and a garage sale is still on my hopes list for the year so we can make some extra cash. Which will be especially needed for car payments!

Between the holidays and the weather, I haven't really been out of town (or at least more than 30 miles out of town) since a quick concert trip to Houston around Thanksgiving. I'm feeling a little stir crazy, but since my birthday falls on a Saturday, I'm brainstorming a fun weekend trip somewhere new. After seeing some longtime friends-turned Nashville transplants this past weekend, I'm pondering a trip to Tennessee!

I've got sewing date plans with my boyfriend's stepmom and her sewing machine, and I've been collecting fabric at home so I can make something repurposed! Let's see how badly I screw this one up. On our list so far is to sew a beach tote bag.

Beyond my little bucket list, I've been kicking butt with my new year's resolutions...and sticking with them into March is probably the best I've ever done.

With my focus on having more fresh produce at home, I'm starting to remember my reusable produce bags...but I might need more than four of them. My next step will be to invest in a few more. They'll also be handy for farmer's market trips.

As part of my shift to more natural practices and focus on peace and happiness, I've been going to yoga class at my gym more regularly and try to practice it more in everyday life. I've even attempted both yoga stretches at work and at home before I get ready for work. It's been a welcome addition to my standard gym routine, and it goes hand-in-hand with my collection of essential oils. (Which deserve a post of their own!)

After having lots of creative brain farts on ideas for Eco Cajun regular features...haaaaaaaaaave you met "What's the Alternative to?" (Name that show!)

I've been very involved in Lafayette's environmentalism efforts, kicking off with being included Acadiana Lifestyle's list of Most Interesting People for 2015, walking and lunging for five miles during the Project Front Yard Rio parade cleanup, and helping prepare for a Keep Lafayette Beautiful cleanup this month. Plus, there are some other fun recycling things in the works, and we're getting into festival season. Getting to be part of these things gives me even more fuel and helps me remain committed.

So, I've got three more months in my twenties, and I'm aiming to make it some of the best time of my life so far!


Laura Reaux said...

I'm going to jump-start my goals/resolutions! Thanks for this.

How exciting about a new car! You better drive it up here to see us. Haha. You've been up to all kinds of awesome stuff. I better catch up!

Caitlin said...

I usually don't make lists of goals, but I figure if I make one and then publish it online, I hold myself a lot more accountable. :)

I DEFINITELY want to! We'll have to chat about Nashville. :)

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