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Every year on March 22, we celebrate World Water Day. Started by the United Nations in 1993, the day celebrates water and its importance to everyone on this planet. 

This year, the World Water Day focus is 'Water and Sustainable Development', looking at how water links to all areas we need to consider to create the future we want.

Water is at the core of sustainable development. Water resources, and the range of services they provide, underpin poverty reduction, economic growth and environmental sustainability. From food and energy security to human and environmental health, water contributes to improvements in social well-being and inclusive growth, affecting the livelihoods of billions.


How can you individually participate in World Water Day? Easy! Conserve water and share the message. Visit the World Water Day website to learn more about water's impact, and share on social media to let everyone know you're celebrating this Saturday!

But don't forget to actually conserve water. Use rain water to hydrate your garden. Don't let your sprinkler run out of control - especially if you are in a drought area, or conversely, if it's raining. Use as little water as you can when washing dishes and laundry (fill the dishwasher completely before running it to maximize water use, and set your washing machine on the lightest load setting you can). Take a quicker shower than you might normally. Spare yourself of drinking bottled water, and tote along some tap or Brita-filtered water instead.

Spread the word and let's all celebrate World Water Day together this year!

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