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Personally, I've been over this football season since regular season ended. My Saints were...something this year. Out of my misery, I haven't followed up with any playoff games yet. For what it's worth, I'm still bitter over the Seahawks pounding the Saints in playoffs three years ago, and Boston is one of my soul cities. And I've got a soft spot for Patriot Place and Gillette Stadium. Sooo....


Who are you cheering for? (Just please don't say Katy Perry.)

I'm mostly excited for the commercials. Don't let me down, y'all! It's one of the pinnacles of being in the advertising industry - being involved in a Super Bowl spot. Not that I ever came close to that, but it's fun to have career goals, right?

So, back to going green for the big game. Are you having a party at home? Going to someone's house? Knocking back touchdown shots at a bar? Catching up on Netflix? (Booooo!!!)

Whether you host a party or attend another one, make it greener! 

If you are hosting a party, look for disposable plates, cups and cutlery made of alternative materials. Bamboo is a very renewable resource because it grows back quickly. Susty Party's goods are made from rapidly growing plants, trees harvested from sustainably managed forests, and recycled or salvaged plant material. Plus, they're safe for your home compost bin. StalkMarket offers disposable cups, plates, boxes and cutlery made from rapidly renewable resources such as sugar cane, corn sugars, plant sugars and starches and FSC-certified wood pulp.

Alternative disposable dinnerware is recyclable, biodegradable and/or compostable, giving them a greater purpose than plain styrofoam or paper-like dinnerware that can only be thrown away and is not biodegradable, or plastic dinnerware that does not biodegrade.

You can find alternative dinnerware online (as with everything), or your local whole foods or larger health products stores (Acadiana residents, Drug Emporium has a selection in the Vitamins Plus area in the back near the paper towels!)

But if you're focusing more on the "reduce" aspect of the 3 Rs, don't use disposable dinnerware at all! Just use regular plates, cutlery, glasses and cloth napkins and wash everything afterward.

When it comes to the food, choose sustainable packaging, locally made or sold, or healthy options for your guests! I plan to be prepared this week and stop by the farmer's market on Saturday morning. If there are any tomatoes, I'll pick some up to make fresh, local salsa. At the grocery store, try to avoid purchasing foods that come in non-recyclable packaging.

Use an extra bin or trash can as a recycling bin and make sure it's clearly marked so guests will know what it's for and what can go in it. Here's a suggested handy list of what can be recycled at your party: Beer bottles, wine bottles (for the ladies), beer cans, liquor bottles and plastic salsa containers or jars.

When you're decorating, use items that can be reused - you don't need paper streamers or a plastic table cloth. Get creative! But seriously, don't go overboard spending money or time decorating with disposable decorations for a football party. Quick and free is where it's at when the focus is on football, commercials and the halftime show!

If you're attending a party somewhere, reduce your own footprint while influencing others to reduce theirs! Bring your dish in a reusable container, and if you get to bring leftovers home, use the same dish. Bring booze that comes in a recyclable container - bottles or cans (let's not start on boxes).

If there's no recycling bin at the party, save your containers to recycle at home. It's not THAT embarrassing, I promise. I've done it. And it's better for the environment than just throwing recyclables in the trash.

Celebrate the end of football season without trashing the planet, and you've scored a touchdown!

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