recycle in ALL the rooms!

So, if you recycle at home, you probably have a bin next to your main trashcan inside. And you probably remember to recycle your cans, water bottles and junk mail.

But what about other rooms? Especially the bathroom? Do you remember to recycle your shampoo bottles or shave gel cans? You may not want to walk your recyclables all the way to your main recycling bin, so why not put a small recycling bin in each room of your house?

You're much more likely to remember recyclable materials if you have a separate bin by the trashcan. Just remember to wash out shampoo bottles or other containers before recycling. Put in a bin in your children's bedrooms to teach them recycling habits. Use a bin in your home office for extra papers.

You might be surprised how much more you'll recycle once you make it easy in any room of your home instead of just one!

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