goodbye, sky blue

Just a brief post today to reinforce the importance of shopping local. In the past few weeks, Lafayette lost a great, eco-friendly business, Sky Blue. Featured in my Parc Lafayette Shopping Guide, Sky Blue sold lots of vintage and repurposed vintage clothing and jewelry. They also have cute, durable burlap reusable shopping bags.

It's sad to see local businesses close up shop, especially ones that promote sustainability. When you support local businesses, you know exactly who you're supporting, and you know your money is staying in your local economy. Many of these local business owners start because they are passionate about it.

Thank you, Sky Blue, for your years of great vintage style, and thank you for everything I've purchased. From handmade pouches to rings to jeans to tops to pants to boots and flats, I wear my Sky Blue purchases very often. I may not have ever tried mustard yellow jeans before, but they have been one of my favorite pairs of pants. I'll continue to use my Sky Blue bag as my de facto briefcase every day.


Anonymous said...

This just made me so sad. I didn't know they closed. I loved Sky Blue. The jewelry alone made me giddy! Can we rally to bring them back?

Caitlin said...

I think that's a great idea, Erin! I had gone for Black Friday, and everything in the store was something like 70% off. I had a funny feeling then that they might be closing soon. We passed by last week for the Food Truck Roundup and they had already moved out of their space.

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