happy america recycles day!

Hope you are all doing something today to participate in America Recycles Day! It's been a pretty active day over on Twitter, and you can follow it all with the #AmericaRecyclesDay hashtag.

And if you're anything like me, you've been hooked on Batkid saving Gotham City today. It's refreshing to see a positive news story and see the good that can happen when people come together. More of this, less hurting others, please.

Wishes do come true, and this world could, so much, be a better place if people were like the Make a Wish Foundation crew and volunteers and the residents of San Francisco, helping to make Miles' dream a reality for a day. I'm so inspired by all of this and want to make my world a better place and make myself a better person. Let's do this, okay!? Let's be superheroes for the planet and for others.

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