gift idea friday: rewined candles

Now that it's not too early to be holiday shopping, I'll be doing a seasonal Friday gift idea feature. Each week I'll share a great eco-friendly gift idea for different people in your life.

This week features Rewined Candles.

Rewined Candles are made from recycled wine bottles. They're cut and sanded down, then filled with a soy wax candle. Each candle's scent is based on a type of wine, and they smell amazing! Each candle is hand-poured, and Rewined is based in South Carolina. You can buy the candles online or in retailers near you (just click on Retail Locations at the bottom). 

Candles make a great gift because they are universal. You could give one to your mom, coworker, children's teachers, extended family, and just about anyone in between. And these candles make it look like you put a little more thought into the gift than a plain drugstore candle. AND you get to spread the eco-friendly holiday cheer with a gorgeous way to promote recycling.

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Unknown said...

love that they are repurposing all those bottles into something lovely and useful again!

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