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Coupons are a great thing, especially around your birthday. (Unrelated note: Sign up for the email lists of your favorite restaurants and include your birth date when asked. Free food birthday coupons are one of the greatest things in life today!)

And more and more companies these days, are allowing you to redeem coupons through your smartphone, without needing to print out a paper coupon. If you have that option, use it! Don't use a piece of paper to print a coupon if you don't have to. Instead, you just show the coupon to the sales associate and let them see the coupon code that's included (or at least, should be). And remember to make a note of the expiration date on your calendar or somewhere, since you won't have the paper shoved in your purse or stuck to your fridge. Because expired coupons are a bummer!

So if you can, save money and paper with mobile coupons!

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