cutting down paper [weekly simple eco tip, 9.18]

I was visiting the eye doctor recently, an event I have had the pleasure of experiencing for the past 18 years. So I know the routine. But this year, it was a little different and I was pleasantly surprised. And a little jealous I didn't think of this idea sooner.

If you have a particular form you routinely complete, and it must be printed out for a signature or anything else, this paper-saving tip is clever.

Simply print out the form you use and laminate it. Then use a dry erase marker to sign it. Then scan it. That way you have the paper on file in case you need it in the future. And then once you've scanned it, just wash off the information and use it again!

I believe it was the standard HIPAA form at the eye doctor's office, but it was a nice thought that even though we have to physically sign the form, they are taking steps to reduce their paper usage. And all by simply having patients sign a laminated sheet of paper with a dry erase marker, so the record can be stored on a secured computer.

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