school recycling problems, link friday 8.30

School board budget issues are a common occurrence in many cities, I'm sure, and Lafayette sees its share of problems.

One of the latest school elements to be cut is the school recycling program. Recycling pickup used to be free, but this school year would require schools to pay for their own recycling. Thanks to bids and contracts, the school board chose to save money, and free recycling was not part of the program.

While budgets are of course very important, and it's understandable that with limited funds, we can't have everything, it's still frustrating to see that recycling is seen as an expendable option in Lafayette Parish. Beyond the actual practice of recycling paper, plastic, glass and aluminum, it would be cutting beneficial environmental education to students, and shows that recycling just isn't important enough to keep around.

"You kind of have to prioritize. Is this worth it?"
And of course, I just want to scream "YES!!!!!"

Happily, two days later, it was reported that Lafayette High (one of the schools participating in the recycling program) would receive new bins and have their recyclables picked up free of charge by the company handling the waste disposal. The waste company will also give free bins to any other school in the area who wants to participate. 

It's good to see that even though recycling pickup can't always be a free service, companies step up to do what's good for the planet anyway! 

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