eco cajun is one year old!

It's already birthday time! Now, technically, eco cajun was born on March 11, 2009, fell by the wayside the next year, and was reborn on April 10, 2012. And then I set everything in high gear with a new design from Michelle and the official relaunch last September. So since this is my domain and I can do what I want, I am calling today the official birthday.

It's been quite an incredible year and I hope to have many more even better years around here. Thanks to all of you who read my treehugging ramblings! I've quite enjoyed sharing my crafts, my practices, my research and my discussions with y'all. Thanks to everyone who has helped provide me with content, including Lamar, Lafayette Shutters Blinds and More, Great Harvest of Acadiana and all the various blogs and sites I've discovered. I've enjoyed running my accompanying Twitter and Instagram accounts, and I'm planning to launch a Facebook page sometime in the future.

I've learned so much from my own research and writing and I hope to continue that as well. There are still those areas where I don't feel I'm as green as I can be, and I plan to explore those more.

These are just some of the scenes from the past year in the eco cajun life. May there be many more by next September! I hope y'all will stick around with me, because you're pretty and I like you. And because you recycle. (I hope you do, at least.)


Julie said...

Happy Blogerversary! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Julie! :)

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