weekly simple eco tip, 8.28

Even if you're already in the habit of recycling, it's still pretty easy to get a little lax on what is accepted and what's not. You might be cleaning out and you come across an item you aren't sure about and think, "Meh!" as you toss it in the recycling bin. Or is that just me? Hm. Well.

In any case, from time to time it's good to refresh yourself on what is accepted in your recycling program. Different programs may accept different items. Your city's Environmental Quality or Waste department should have a list of what can be recycled. For those who use the Recycling Foundation in Louisiana, their list is on their website. Lafayette residents can also download a copy of the PRIDE Guide, which contains a list of what's accepted in the curbside recycling program. Waste Management lists their accepted recycling materials on their website as well.

One easy way to remember what to recycle (and to educate others!) is to make your own list and stick it on your recycling bin! I created one list of what is and isn't accepted in our company recycling bin after finding one too many completely unacceptable items in the bin (I'm looking at you, person who threw an orange in there!) As a bonus, if you have children, or guests over, the list will help them to learn what goes in your recycling bin.

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