weekly simple eco tip, 6.12

Great for everyone who brings their own office snacks and families with children, one easy way to be greener and waste less packaging is to stay away from single serve packages of snacks and drinks!

It seems convenient to buy a box of single serve snack bags, but the amount of packaging being thrown out is much higher than buying a full size box of the same snack. With the full size box, you get to make your own single serving! Just put your snacks or drinks in a reusable container and be on your merry way, or send your children on their merry way. You'd have one plastic bag to throw out (and one box to recycle), compared to eight plastic bags to throw out (and one box to recycle).

I tend to use the small stackable Rubbermaid containers to bring snacks to work (such as my Kryptonite up there, Spicy Cheez-Its®), but there are also cute reusable snack bags, like these snack sacks from SnackTaxi. If you use a plastic zip bag, be sure to reuse it, or you're basically creating the same amount of waste as you would if you bought pre-portioned snacks. 

And you can do the same with juice, soft drinks, milk or water by putting it in a Klean Kanteen or any kind of reusable cup. This week, I bought a large carton of iced coffee and have been bringing a Kanteen-ful to work each morning, drastically cutting down on waste from my newfound weakness of using the pod coffee maker at work.

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