don't stand idly by! [link friday, 6.21]

Today, I came across this post featuring an infographic about the facts of idle vehicles and found it intriguing. With gas over $3 a gallon still, an idling car or truck just seems like the pinnacle of waste – between money and resources.

You can click on the image above to view the full info graphic. You can also visit the Sustainable America Turn It Off campaign website, and follow Sustainable America on Facebook and/or Twitter.

With it being the first (ha.) day of summer, I know it's hot, and if you have to sit in your car for a few minutes, it seems unthinkable to turn the car off and lose the cool air. But, you are wasting precious fuel doing that. You can maybe consider keeping a portable fan in your car. By making the effort to reduce your idling, you are already improving the planet. If you're picking up food on the go, park and go inside rather than wait in a drive-thru line. If you're stuck at a railroad crossing and a neverending train is passing, turn off your car until it's time to go again.

And that's it for this week! Eat local and don't idle your vehicle! See y'all back here next week! (Or you can follow me on Instagram or Twitter for bits and pieces of green fun in the meantime!)

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