park-friendly cities [link friday, 6.7]

Parks are an important part of any city - they improve the quality of life and create a peaceful outlet amidst the roads and busy-ness.

The Trust for Public Land ranks the largest 50 cities' parks in an annual ParkScore, based on acres of park space, investment from the city, and the percentage of people who live within 10 minutes of a park. They just released their rankings for 2013. None of the top 10 cities are located in the south, and no Louisiana city makes the cut in being one of the 50 largest cities in the nation. The closest city to southern Louisiana is Houston, which comes in at #38.

Visit the TPL website to view all the data about the top 10 cities. While there may not be any Cajun representation on the list, it serves as a great inspiration for all cities. There are many great ideas and elements that cities can adopt in their own park planning in order to become more park-friendly.

Locally, The Horse Farm is a park space undergoing some transformations and becoming a central spot of green in town - and they just launched a Saturday morning Farmer's Market! I am excited to see how this park will grow and flourish as a much-needed space.

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