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This week kicks off an annual Lafayette summertime tradition: the Eat Lafayette campaign. The campaign brings focus to the locally owned and run restaurants in our town – of which there are many! We aren't known as one of the best foodie cities for nothing.

If you're in the Lafayette area, be sure to visit the 72 (!) participating restaurants between now and September 2 and take advantage of the special offers!

Beyond the benefit of being a locally owned restaurant, some of the participating restaurants are also eco-friendly, from using locally sourced ingredients to being truly farm to table, and serving local craft beer. Some of these include:

Cafe Vermilionville – uses local ingredients in some of their dishes.

Everything Else is Cake – offers gluten-free, grain-free and sugarfree desserts (eco-friendly in that it's less processed than traditional desserts).

Guidry's Reef – serves Louisiana seafood (and to be fair, most Lafayette seafood restaurants use Louisiana seafood.)

Jolie's Louisiana Bistro – is a farm-to-table restaurant; uses seasonal Louisiana ingredients.

Rusted Rooster – uses local ingredients.

Saint Street Inn – is another farm-to-table restaurant; uses local ingredients.

Sandra's Cafe and Health Food Store – serves and sells organic, all-natural and local products.

Social Southern Table & Bar – uses local ingredients; serves local craft beer (and site of my birthday dinner a couple weeks ago!)

Tsunami Sushi – saves their cooking oil for biodiesel use (I believe!)

Twins Burgers and Sweets – makes their own bread for their burgers (and maker of my birthday cupcakes and cookies a couple weeks ago! Shoutout to my parents for supporting local businesses!)

Whole Wheatery Eatery – serves vegetarian and organic dishes.

There are also a couple restaurants I can think of that are eco-friendly, but not participating Eat Lafayette restaurants, such as French Press and Great Harvest Bread Company (who are certified as a green restaurant). I am now both hungry and inspired to visit them in order to share photos and reviews with y'all! The Eat Lafayette kickoff event is this week, and I'll be sure to share photos of the local food for y'all, because I'm just generous like that!

And if you're not in the Lafayette area, it's okay! Once you're done wiping the drool off your keyboard,  be inspired by Eat Lafayette. Make it your own campaign to support locally owned restaurants in your area. Eating local allows for so much variety in dishes and helps your area's economy.

When you're out supporting local businesses and eating delicious food, be sure to clean your plate, or bring home and eat all your leftovers. Because, after all, leaving food wasted isn't very eco-friendly, is it?

Allons manger! Let's eat!

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