weekly simple eco tip, 4.3

This week's simple eco tip was inspired by the lovely J and a comment she left on a post recently, about explaining conservation to her young daughter.

Education is such an important part of transitioning to a greener lifestyle, and there are tons of great books for both you and your children.

I still remember when I was in sixth grade, one of my teachers would read to us from the book 50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth. The book taught easy ways for children to be greener, such as cutting six-pack rings and picking up litter. I still consider those days as the beginning of my passion for the environment, and a few years after that, I bought my own copy at a used bookstore. The book has since been updated, since somehow I was in sixth grade 16 years ago (I probably should not have calculated that...sigh), and adapts to children growing up today. It's such a great way to start teaching and involving children in environmentalism, and it helps explain why protecting the earth is so important.

Other great books I have either read or need to read are:
You can find many different books on the subject at a bookstore or on Amazon. And for a zero-impact way to read books on environmentalism, head to your local library and see what's available. When I was gathering all my green books for their mini photo shoot, I was actually surprised I only had four on the shelf, since I know I've read more than just those. I had to remember that I've checked a few out from the library over time.

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