festivelo 2013 recap

Yesterday was a great spring day for the first FestiVélo in downtown Lafayette. The day consisted of many different bike rides, exhibitions, bicycle shop tents, music, food trucks and live art. (First note to self: Wear sunscreen when planning to ride bikes and spend the day in the sun! My arms basically turned the color of my shirt by the end of the evening.)

We embarked on our ride in the early afternoon and walked around to see all the tents and bicycles on display. One of my favorites was this bike made out of wood. Some vendors were doing bike repairs, and some were selling bikes and bike accessories. I loved just getting to check out all the different bike styles, wishing I could have an extensive collection for myself.


Two local food trucks were present, Hibachi Hero and A Change of Heart. I was in the mood for something fresh and healthy, so I got a vegetarian sandwich from A Change of Heart, and it was the perfect lunch for an outdoor bike festival. My boyfriend and festival companion got a wrap from Hibachi Hero, and there really isn't much better than that. 

While we were there, The Mercy Brothers were playing up on the stage, providing a great background to the festivities.

One thing I wanted to do while at the festival was registering my bike with the local police department. Registering your bicycle is required in the city, but I'm not sure how much it's enforced. However, the benefit to having a registered bike is easier recovery in case of theft. My bike's information is now on file with the police department and I get a shiny little sticker to display.

Also while we were there, we got to see the Fixie Challenge, for anyone with fixed gears wanting to join in. How anyone can even attempt to stand up on their pedals and let go with both hands and one foot is beyond me! 

And during it all was the live art exhibition. Members of the local sketch group came out to draw and paint bicycle-related pieces. I love the guy with the scarf below!

After being out in the sun for a few hours, we decided to go for our own little ride, which turned into hunting down delicious, cold snoballs. It capped off a fun afternoon of bike riding and gave me the energy to power back home. That wind was something fierce!

Check out video coverage of FestiVélo from KLFY and see pictures from KTDY!

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