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Happy Earth Day to y'all! I hope you're thinking just a bit greener than normal today. Don't forget to show the Earth you love it, and hug a tree!

Yesterday was a great day to celebrate Earth Day over in downtown Baton Rouge at the Louisiana Earth Day Festival. The weather was much better than last weekend, and the festival was much bigger than Lafayette's. There were a few stages for bands, and the festival spanned a few blocks in the North Boulevard Town Square. There were also tons of exhibitors and activities going on. I enjoyed the area set off for children's activities and education. Teaching children about recycling and conservation is such an important step, so they can grow up practicing good habits and teaching others to be mindful. 

Beside each trashcan was a convenient recycling bin, provided by the Recycling Foundation.

We learned that many of the state vehicles are powered by natural gas. There were a few on display at the festival that had been converted from conventional fuel to natural gas.

My first time seeing an all-electric vehicle in person. Oh, how I wished they were giving this Nissan LEAF away...to me! I also didn't know that some of the car's components are made with recycled water bottles.

Winn Dixie gave out reusable goody bags (with disposable single-serve bags of snacks...), and had this display about the debate between paper and plastic bags. The best answer is always reusable!

Bike Baton Rouge offered free bicycle valet parking...and if we didn't live an hour away, biking would've been an option! But I love that this is becoming a common thing at festivals and other events around here. Bike Lafayette offers a bike corral at downtown gatherings, and I believe possibly for Festival International this coming weekend.

One exhibit I really liked was from the Department of Public Works. They showed the difference between an incandescent and energy-efficient traffic light. On top of the displayed cost savings, I could feel the difference between each: the incandescent light gave off MUCH more heat than the energy-efficient one. So much money and energy is wasted with incandescent lights simply because they give off so much heat. 

A handy way to remember your cloth bags when you go shopping!

The Recycling Foundation was one exhibitor, along with supplying the recycling bins throughout the park. Their company is based in Baton Rouge, and they service residents and businesses in Lafayette as well.


We sat in the grass for a bit and listened to the Mulligan Brothers and enjoyed the sun (wearing sunscreen, so we wouldn't burn...again.) I brought along my trusty reusable water bottle, and I got to see an actual bass made from suitcases. The festival overall was great and crowded, and makes me wish that Lafayette's festival can grow to be as large.

I hope y'all make the most of the rest of Earth Day, and that the spirit of Earth Day will carry over to other days as well. Every little bit of conservation, recycling and respect counts, but continued actions make a world of difference.

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