weekly simple eco tip, 12.20

Well, here we are, five days to Christmas! Buckle up and hold on, because the sleigh will be moving full speed ahead!

These are two recycled-material Christmas crafts I've come across in the past few days, and both are crafts I intend on making at some point in the next week. And they both look very easy to make! If you have some time between now and Christmas (hahaha, I know, right?), these would be great little finishing touches, and both are great for getting children to help out.

These wine cork Christmas trees can be made by gluing the corks together (though, Gorilla wood glue may not be the best of the glues to use...speaking from experience). There are tons of varieties on Pinterest that can give you lots of inspiration. I love the look of the stained wine, but I have ideas on painting the ends of the corks to make it look even more like a small tree. 

And since corks are very lightweight, this smaller version with a bow would be a fantastic Christmas ornament. Glue the corks together, use a cut piece of cork as the trunk, and tie some jute around it to form the ornament loop.

And these gift bows are a great solution to get beautiful, traditional bows from recycled materials - in this case, magazine pages! How About Orange has a step-by-step tutorial on making these bows, and it probably takes about 15 minutes to complete. You could use any kind of sturdier paper for these bows, from extra scrapbook paper to junk mail.

A few simple crafts to put the star on the tree this holiday season.

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