christmas eco wishlist

Now that I've covered the biggest aspects of the holiday season, it's time for the 2012 eco cajun Christmas wishlist. Santa, I know you've got to be somewhat eco-friendly with that about some green gifts?

  • More city-wide recycling.
  • More acceptance and adoption of electric vehicles (and hybrid vehicles).
  • A hybrid vehicle for me. (Worth a shot!)
  • For people to put more thought put into disposing an item properly. For example, recycling something if it's recyclable, instead of throwing it away, even if it means slightly more effort.
  • More electricity, water and fuel conservation.
  • More discussion and action on climate change measures.
  • More recycled/eco-friendly products carried in national and local stores, instead of just online.
  • More acceptance of bicyclists, and more instances of sharing the road. And fewer bicycle-related accidents.
And hey Santa, if you need an elf to be head of the Eco Department, I'm your girl!

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