weekly simple eco tip, 12.12.12

Offices create a lot of waste, but there's one easy way you can help to cut down on that waste, and in the process, save your office some money on paper expenses.

Before you print, check your print settings, and adjust them accordingly.

If you don't have to print single-sided, don't! Always check that you'll be printing double-sided, cutting the number of pages you use in half. If you don't have a doubled-sided printing feature, look into getting or requesting a printer that does, and make the case that it will help save paper.

If you don't have to print in color, don't! Go for grayscale printing if the color aspects are not necessary. You can also look for a 'draft'-type printer setting, which reduces the amount of color printed. Black ink is less expensive than color, so this is one easy way to conserve your color ink and save a bit of money.

And if you're printing a document, run a quick print preview and make sure you don't have a small amount of text on its own page. One of the biggest things I see in my own office is pages with part of an email signature or runoffs from a spreadsheet . If you see pages with one or two lines of text in your document, make some adjustments so it can fit on the page before. Change your margins or scale the document to fit on as few pages as possible. 

Make these your habit to check for, or even make the adjusted settings your default, and you'll be on your way to saving paper, ink and money! Then you won't feel like smashing your printer in a field.

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