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Oh, hey! How are you? It's been a little while. You look fabulous! Hope you've been recycling.

One of my favorite and one of the easiest ways to be more earth-friendly is to have a reusable water bottle. And there are plenty of those available. And many of them are plastic. While they do help cut down on disposable water bottles, they're still not the best solution. It's known that BPA is a harmful substance and is present in a lot of plastic packaging. According to the Mayo Clinic, the harmful effects of BPA aren't proven, but DHH says the substance is concerning and can have an effect on our brains. So many people switched over to steel reusable water bottles from plastic ones. But even some steel bottles can contain BPA in the interior bottle lining, still exposing you. And one popular "custom logo" product these days is a steel mug. But, if you are paying a few dollars a bottle, you can kind of guess that you're not getting a BPA-free steel water bottle.

Even if BPA's effects aren't proven, would you really want to expose yourself to it when there are alternatives?

My favorite green products are my two Klean Kanteens. Kanteens come in so many different sizes and colors, and they're all BPA-free. (Side note: I recently noticed Kanteen makes a cup now and I think they're pretty fantastic.) I've had one orange bottle for almost four years now and one silver insulated one for a little over two years. My orange bottle has seen better days, and many different tops. I broke one sports top and lost the other (still upset about that) and I've got a regular flat top at the moment. The bottle itself is dented and losing paint in a few places, but it's still functional and it comes with me almost everywhere. I take it to work almost every day, and I take it to the gym every time I go. I wouldn't even be able to estimate how many plastic bottles this thing has saved me over the years. My insulated Kanteen has worked well for transporting coffee, tea, beer and margaritas - but not all at once, of course!

I wasn't sure what I really wanted my parents to get me for my birthday this year (selfish shoutout, it's tomorrow!), but I realized that another Klean Kanteen would be perfect. I chose one that's larger than my orange one with a new sport top. This way I can make myself drink more water and be healthier, and that sport top will help me not look like a moron on the treadmill at the gym. (Try drinking out of the wide opening while walking 3.8 miles an hour. You WILL spill. Or maybe that is only me.)

I almost feel like getting a new Kanteen is like getting a new member of my little family. I'm excited to have a little more variation and convenience while having something safe to drink out of and something that helps cut down on trash. 

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