the independent 'green issue'

I always appreciate when environmentalism gets a publicity boost, especially with a focus on the local movement.

Lafayette newspaper The Independent put out their annual Green Issue this week, and it's full of great articles specific to the area. I learned that the local business Great Harvest Bread Company is Lafayette's first certified green restaurant. They worked with the Green Restaurant Association to achieve the status, and take part in Lafayette's commercial recycling program. (Quick shoutout to the Recycling Foundation, since they help us save a lot of our office paper, cans and cardboard from the dumpster! After almost five years in my office, setting up a recycling system might be one of the top things I'm proud of.)

There's an article about a local business owner who lives in a 120 square-foot home and is very comfortable. If only I had the discipline for something that extreme. But I suppose 650 square feet for myself isn't the worst it could be.

There's also a feature on the Bayou Vermilion District and the work they do to keep the Bayou Vermilion clean. The Vermilion is such an integral part of Lafayette and the surrounding areas, and it really is a shame how much trash ends up in it. Cajuns have always lived off the land, and the Vermilion is something that should stay natural to stay a part of our culture.

The local farmers markets and farm-to-table movement also get a write-up.

Peruse this week's Independent Green Issue with the flip page format - and bonus points! Reading it this way saves paper! (If you're in the future, look for the 6/20 issue in the archives.)

While Louisiana may be behind other states in environmentalism, it's inspiring to see the steps Lafayette is taking toward being green.

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