The oil and gas industry isn't something I like to talk about very often. While I want there to be many alternative, sustainable fuels for the future, I still live in South Louisiana - a place still very much dependent on oil and gas - and I still have many friends dependent on it for their livelihoods.

There are proponents of solar and electric energy around, but I still don't find it's enough to really change this area. There will always be legitimate reasons for the industry and the drilling. I don't believe oil and gas should be the only source of fuel, but I also don't think there should be any other exclusive source of fuel. With the sheer amount of demand, it would strain the earth to use any one source. The key is to use enough alternative fuels so that we don't deplete the earth's supply of oil too soon.

A few months ago, I saw a bumper sticker that made me think. It was on a car in the middle of Lafayette.

And after I thought about it, I realized this is just how I differ from the rest of the city. People in the Drill Here Drill Now camp depend on the industry for jobs and income. The sentiment seems to be even stronger since the oil spill, subsequent drilling hiatuses, and talk of imported oil. And I get that. But I don't agree.

It seems short-sighted to me, especially with the way it's worded. The implications on the environment and the supply of oil for our future generations are less important than paying less right now. And I just don't think the same way.

I'm sure many people would say I just don't know what it's like to grow up as part of the industry. And I really don't. Neither my parents nor my grandparents worked in it. I don't work in it fully, though it has had an indirect impact on the job. But I still just don't feel like we should throw away concerns on the environment and the future just to pay slightly less now. It's not fair to our future. There needs to be options. We do need to keep an important industry, but we need alternatives in order not to screw everything up for our planet and our grandchildren.

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