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When it's time to shop for a gift for whatever occasion, I like to focus on two sources: shopping locally and shopping eco-friendly websites.

Especially when it comes to Christmas and those seemingly countless random gifts you have to get, eco-friendly websites are a great option. One year, I got the majority of my miscellaneous gifts from eBay's World of Good shop, and I felt great about giving gifts that also helped other people.

  • World of Good is a huge online store that categorizes every item by the good it provides - from supporting artisans around the world, to being eco-friendly, to being animal-friendly, to supporting causes. They sell clothes, jewelry, accessories and home items. Around the holidays, there are a lot of great unique and handmade ornaments and decorations.
  • Buy Green is another site that has a great selection of recycled and eco-friendly items. I bought my first Klean Kanteen from the site and I was thrilled when it arrived in a used Verizon cell phone box with newspapers for stuffing.
  • TerraCycle is an amazing company that collects materials from everyone and makes upcycled products. You can participate in the project by sending in your waste! They make purses out of candy wrappers, and clocks and coasters out of vinyl, for example. They also make items out of old advertising billboards. They've worked with major retailers to distribute some items. I got a set of coasters made out of vinyl from TerraCycle at Target.
  • While I've never used HipCycle, I've perused the site and found so many things I'd love to buy myself. They've got unique and classy upcycled products.
 So when the shopping bug hits you, whether for yourself, or for some gift-giving occasion, think green! You can easily find something different, awesome and recycled that is sure to spark a conversation.

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