trash to treasure

I've been meaning to try to sell some old clothing for awhile and today I finally took action and brought my things to Plato's Closet, a store that buys some old clothing and resells it. While my clothes mostly just got handed back to me, along with three dollars, I was still inspired. While I was there, I realized I should be shopping there when I need something, instead of spending more money for something brand new.

There are other stores similar to Plato's Closet, including Clothes Mentor, which I may check out in another attempt to make some money from my old clothes. What's great about these place is how they promote giving clothes a new life. It goes against the "disposable" mentality that so many people have about so many things. Even if you are done with your clothes, the clothes aren't done.

I've also got a few boxes to take to Goodwill, one of the best places to donate old items for reuse and help people who are less fortunate.

I love being able to clean out my apartment and get rid of things I don't need while letting them find a new purpose with someone else. One aspect of environmentalism is to simply have less STUFF. When you put a little extra thought into only buying things you really need or will use, and you properly reuse things that are still functional, you make a big difference in the amount of stuff in this world.

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