The want: A basil plant for endless supply of basil during the summer.
The need: A planter large enough for a basil plant to grow and not stay the same size.
The second want: An eco-friendly planter.
The problem: Lack of extra finances to buy things like large planters.

The random, ingenius solution: A recycling bin already sitting on my patio not being used in any way.

This was one of the easiest, most creative things I have thought of doing. Not only did it simply cost me $5 for two basil plants and $6 for a bag of potting soil, it took minimal effort. The recycling bin already has holes on the bottom, so it didn't require me to make holes. All I really had to do was clean it out, pour some soil, and add the plants.

This bin is from my parents' house back in the 90s, when recycling used to be separated for city collection. My dad kept the Glass bin for some reason, and I took it when I first moved out, because at the time, you couldn't drop glass off at the recycling drop-off locations, and I would bring the glass to my parents' to put in their bin. The drop-off system has changed since then, and I kept the bin without having a need for it.

So, a summary of how awesome eco-friendly this is: Bin used for recycling as far back as 20 years ago, bin repurposed to have a new life, having basil on hand for dishes eliminates extra spending, packaging and waste, and planter makes a dual eco-friendly statement.

A summary of how awesome, not necessarily eco-friendly, this is: I get the smell of basil any time I want!

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