summertime heat

June has certainly been a hot one for Louisiana. It also serves as a reminder to get your air conditioner checked out to ensure they are running properly for these hot months.

Living on my own is teaching me these things and I finally called maintenance to have them look at our air conditioner. I could tell it was not working to its full potential, leaving it to run nonstop but only cooling off to my set temperature in the middle of the night.

So hopefully as of today, my air conditioner will be back to normal, lowering my electricity bill back down. While I still don't have to pay much, my second month's bill was almost twice as much as my first month's. I'm looking forward to being appropriately energy efficient.

Another step I took to cool my apartment off, especially in the evenings, was inexpensive and stylish. I had a pair of khaki curtains I brought from home that serve as our living room curtains. However, khaki does nothing to block sunlight, so I bought an identical pair in chocolate brown and draped them on the rod together. It has done wonders for blocking light and heat.

So with a thermostat setting I'm sure is still higher than most people like, use of our ceiling fans and curtains that have a function, I'm taking steps to make sure my apartment is as energy efficient during these summer months as possible, and effectively save money on my utility bill. 

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Another great way to save money and stay cool is to install a Energy Star Ceiling Fans. These ceiling fans will save you money and keep you cool during these sweltering days that we are having.

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