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I found the book The Eco Chick Guide to Life last night and decided it would be a great resource. As part of my plan to save money, I bring my lunch to work four days a week, but don't get to enjoy getting out of the office enough. I have decided to spend my lunch hours this week reading parts of this book.

Today I read about beauty products and green tips for all things body-related. I've already made the switch to recycled toilet paper (which also brought me to where I didn't buy any TP at Target over the weekend because I didn't see any recycled options. Note to self, need toilet paper.) I think my next switch may be to organic toothpaste once I finish the tube I have. I don't think this would be a huge change as long as I find a mint flavor organic toothpaste, which I know exists. I have tried organic deodorant, and while I still use it, I can't fully switch over. Right now I alternate between it and my regular deodorant. I already use natural soap from Pure & Natural, and it has an absolutely lovely scent. It's much better than the regular soaps that are full of waxes and other things that no longer make me feel clean. I have been a convert to organic shampoos for about seven months now and I don't miss conventional shampoos at all. My hair is clean, soft and shiny without being exposed to parabens and all the other harmful ingredients in conventional shampoo.

I've written about making the switch in beauty products and this is something I need to adopt in my actual makeup purchases. Physician's Formula is a great eco-conscious brand that isn't terribly expensive, which is great for all of us. But it all needs to happen in due time, as in, when I'm out of my existing makeup. 

Also, I found that Starre, the author of the book, runs a blog of the same name. Another blog to add to my Google reader!

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