i try to walk away, but i stumble

I got a page-a-day eco-calendar from a very dear friend, and I enjoy reading each day's tip or quote and applying them to my life. They have some very poignant quotes that I like to stick on my bulletin board.

But Monday's tip came at just the wrong time. I want to follow the tips, I really do. And I'm always up for an excuse to treat myself to a lunchtime cookie.
But just last Friday, something happened. I was going down the stairs and I tripped. Fell about five stairs before my butt and my hands broke the fall.
Besides being less eco friendly, there are many reasons I will not ride the office elevator. It's old, it's hot, it makes weird noises, it's slow, I feel safer on the Tower of Terror... Anyway, I always take the stairs, but now I have a small vendetta against them too. I don't want Friday's fall to be the precursor to a complete wipeout!
And you can rest assured I rewarded myself with a lunchtime treat anyway.

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