linking kind of monday

Sometimes while at work, I'll come across an interesting environment-related site, and I stick it in my Google task bar so I can write about it later.

Yeah, about 10 links later, I've yet to write about any of them, so today you get a whole roundup. Cleaning out the task list!

  • A section of an old Manhattan rail line has been turned into a green space, complete with park benches. They also left parts of the old railway, in an interesting juxtaposition of the old and the green.
  • Tired of receiving multiple phone books, especially when Google is way easier? Put an end to those useless deliveries.
  • Possibly the cutest reusable shopping bags I've seen so far. (Just hard to justify ordering some when I already have a small army of cloth bags.)
  • Can styrofoam really make biodiesel engines run more efficiently? It's about time it did something good. Very interesting, I must say.
  • SunChips is working on creating a completely compostable bag. And they are helping the town of Greensburg, Kansas, one of the premier 'green' towns as a result of a devastating 2007 tornado.
  • You can pretty much clean your house without harmful chemicals.
  • A big contributor to trash are fast food containers, bags, wrappers and the like. A student at the University of the Arts created biodegradable fast food packaging for McDonald's. With them being part of my work life, I would very much love for McDonald's to follow this idea and take a step toward becoming McGreen.
And that's it until next time!

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