Sip Sustainably with Reusable Bamboo Straws

I've been on the reusable straw train for a few years now, after investing in a set of stainless steel straws. I've been able to dramatically reduce my straw usage and get in the habit of requesting "no straw, please" when out at restaurants.

Reusable drinking straws are a very simple way to help stop the plastic pollution problem. 

Stainless steel straws are pretty great overall, but they aren't the only kind of reusable straw available. Straws are also commonly made of glass and bamboo.

I recently got to try a few bamboo straws as a gift from The Other Straw, an Australian company that sells the straws both retail and wholesale.

Overall, I really enjoy using bamboo straws over stainless steel. If you have sensitive teeth, bamboo is a much better option, because the straw stays room temperature when the drink is cold.

I also find they are safer for younger children to use, which is especially great when you have a child who just wants a sip of your own drink!

They should be cleaned by hand, which is easy with a cleaning brush, and left to air dry.

The straws I have are the original size, which are 10mm in diameter, but they also offer cocktail (7mm) and smoothie (12mm) options. You can start small with a two pack that comes with a carry case and cleaning brush made of coconut fiber, or get a five- or 10-pack.

One thing I love about The Other Straw is that they offer wholesale and bulk options with the ability to put your own logo on the straw. They are able to offer a low minimum quantity, which is great if you want to purchase custom straws for an event or party (after we're all out of quarantine, of course!)

"Since launching in 2018, we’ve sold over 50,000 reusable bamboo straws and prevented more than four million plastic straws from entering our landfills, natural environments and oceans. We’ve also educated over 12,000 businesses and individuals on the impacts of single-use plastics and supported over 45 beach cleanups," says The Other Straw co-founder Jamie Lee Kay.

The company grows organic bamboo, free from chemicals, pesticides and nasties. They also send out online orders and wholesale bamboo straws are using carbon-neutral methods and zero waste. All packaging materials contain 100% recycled and/or post-consumer materials.

Check out The Other Straw online and follow them on Facebook and Instagram

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