Earth Day at Home

Happy Earth Day, everyone! This year marks the 50th anniversary of the movement, and the celebration is going digital. I'm celebrating at home and on social media, and it's been a welcome change of pace to see my news feeds filled with photos of nature and graphics that feature the environment.

I kicked off the day with coffee in my favorite mug, and spent the morning working from my living room. For our lunch break, Ariana and I went for a neighborhood walk, where we enjoyed some fresh air and sunshine, and I picked up some litter that most definitely would have gotten blown around in today's strong winds.

This is also Keep Louisiana Beautiful's #LoveTheBoot challenge for today!

Another way we're low-key celebrating is by wearing secondhand outfits. Ariana's shirt here is a hand-me-down, and although this photo is from February, she's wearing it today too. Her yellow pants below are also secondhand. I'm currently wearing a Go Green shirt from Animal Kingdom in Disney World with gray secondhand shorts.

I pulled these photos to use for the #LoveTheBoot campaign on social media. They're a nice reminder of nature's beauty, a fun memory of a weekend away earlier this year and inspiration that we'll one day get to travel again. I'm definitely missing some water views!

This got me thinking that one way we can each celebrate Earth Day is to work on a post-quarantine bucket list. What are the things you want to do or places you want to go later this year when it's safe to do so and things are open again?

How are you planning to celebrate Earth Day?

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