Secondhand Baby Items

In addition to the eco-friendly baby and nursery supplies I wrote about a couple weeks ago, we've also collected a big assortment of secondhand supplies from friends. It's the best way to save money and reuse essential items that are still in good condition, and you know that makes me a happy camper.

Months back, we started off our secondhand collection with a Pack n Play, Boppy pillow and cover, infant bathtub seat, bouncy seat and a lot of cloth diapers and inserts from one of my friends before she moved out of state.

Our Boppy came with a cute secondhand green cover and I registered for this floral print cover so we would be able to switch them out on laundry days (which, of course, is three times every day.)

We've since added another Pack n Play, beautiful wooden bassinet for our room (with spare mattress protector and sheet), full infant bathtub and a baby food maker from our neighbors and one of their daughters.

A couple other friends have handed down their secondhand cloth diapers and inserts as well, so Baby is more than stocked for her diapering life.

We purchased a folding stroller from Facebook from someone my husband knows, and it's a great, inexpensive investment for when we need something more packable, light and toddler-friendly, compared to our full travel system stroller. It can also be something our parents use when needed.

A few friends have donated their children's clothing, shoes and toys to our collection. I've purchased a few pieces from the local nonprofit Desormeaux Foundation's Baby and Me Boutique, and stocked up on some different size onesies from our local Once Upon a Child store.

I've written before about my secondhand clothes hangers, and they're still one of my favorite scores.

I even stocked up on a few unopened bath products that friends ended up not using.

One of my friends gifted me a breast pump that she had never used, but since the box was opened, it couldn't be returned. Not the fun things to talk about, but definitely an important essential, especially once I go back to work.


I wrote about my eco-friendly diaper bag alternative a couple weeks ago, but my husband's diaper bag is eco-friendly in another way by being a hand-me-down. The bag is in excellent condition and is exactly the kind of backpack he was interested in getting.

And although Baby Girl is more than set on teddy bears and stuffed animals (between some that were my husband's, a couple that were mine and some that were gifted to us), she actually only has one baby doll already, and it's a special one. This doll was her 10-year-old cousin's that's been passed down. I'm curious to see if she takes to playing with it and carrying it around as she grows.

One thing I definitely hope to instill over the years is the value and importance of shopping and collecting secondhand goods and donating what we don't need, and I plan to practice this often myself as our daughter grows up.

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