Photo Friday | Cajun Pregnancy Milestones

I have two apps on my phone where I keep track of baby's development each week, but the fruit size comparisons are not typically the best. Sometimes I'm not even familiar with the fruit (and yes, I have Googled a few), and sometimes, the fruits are contradictory - as in, one app will say a tomato at 17 weeks and another will say a tomato at 19 weeks.

The general fruit list inspired me to brainstorm a much more entertaining list of pregnancy milestones - one that is all Cajun!

So I present to you, the Eco Cajun list of Cajun Pregnancy Milestones:

Of course, I took a few creative liberties in the sizes, but especially as I come to the very end of the list, it FEELS pretty accurate.

And needless to say, my husband and I look forward to raising a Cajun baby, one who grows up experiencing Festival International, trips to the farmers market, the Giant Omelette Celebration in Abbeville, weekends at Toledo Bend and UL football games.

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